Why call us?

 Let our helpline save you time, stress, effort, and money.

We offer experience, expertise, and relationships with service providers in the Hoosier estate and probate world. When you call the helpline, we’ll save you valuable time and effort. Our helpline representatives will give you access to our extensive network and refer you to the best pre-screened resource and service providers that match your unique situation. We believe everyone benefits from a more well-connected community of Indiana service providers, and our goal is to facilitate that connection through the Indiana Probate and Estate Helpline.

(317) 344-8908

 Why do we only provide referrals through the helpline?

Because every situation is different and we need to direct you to the correct set of resources.  This will save you a lot of time and effort.  For example, estates valued under $50K are handled very differently than estates worth multimillions that have heirs in dispute.  We help a lot of people and we want to make sure our prescreened resource providers aren’t flooded with calls that don’t apply to their business.

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